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What I am familiar with:

·         How to prepare the dialog diagram and individual screen/report designs to comprise the User Interface Design

·         How to prepare the File and Database Design, including estimating storage requirements

·         How to develop the new system architecture by documenting with Structure Charts

·         The design heuristics which contribute to or detract from good system design

·         How to document the logic required in a system/program via Logic Specifications

·         How to develop an Implementation Plan including estimating programming time, staff requirements and developing the method of implementation

·         How  to design a new system by creating the Class and Method Design

·         How to design the Data Management Layer, the User Interaction Layer, and the Physical architecture of a 1-n tier system configuration

·         How to develop the Construction and Installation Plan as well as Operations Plan for a new system

·         Participated on a team that has developed a working system ready to be or already implemented

·         How to use either Systems Analysis and Design Technique (SADT) methodology for traditional development or the Unified Process with Unified Modeling Language for object-oriented systems development (UP with UML-OOADM)

·         How to help create and participate in a team presentation utilizing audio-visual tools as well as oral communication skills