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What I am familiar with:


·         Project management (PM) basics and the content of PMBOK

·         Microsoft Project 2007 and using it to plan and execute a project

·         Relationship of PM to system and enterprise integration

·         Project lifecycle and process groups

·         Proposal writing

·         Models of the software development processes (Waterfall, etc.)

·         Capability maturity model (Carnegie Maturity Model)

·         Continuous and innovative process improvement and its relation to projects

·         Project scope, time, cost, quality, risk, resource and procurement management

·         Methodology for each major IT  project type

·         Rapid application development methodologies as projects within information technology

·         Change management; coping with change, causality and complexity

·         Software quality assurance

·         Senge's Systems Thinking, Systems Dynamics, and Goldratt's Thinking Process

·         System Dynamics as it relates to projects and project management




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